Wikipedia:Top 25 Report

Posted on Mon April 27, 2020.

About the Top 25 Report
The Top 25 Report is a curated weekly report of the 25 most popular articles on Wikipedia. Our archives cover January 2013 to the present. A Top 10 version of the Report usually also appears in the Wikipedia Signpost as the "Traffic Report".

This report is based on data derived from the WP:5000, an automated report of the most viewed 5000 Wikipedia pages. It is a curated report in order to provide commentary on the reasons why articles appear to be popular (which necessarily may include opinion; the Report is not in article space to which WP:NPOV applies), and to exclude articles for which high viewcounts appear to be overly influenced by non-human views. We also exclude the Main Page and non-article pages (such as script calls) which sometimes appear in the Top 5000. We furthermore exclude any red links; prior to 2016-AUG we produced WP:TOPRED, a weekly list of the most requested red links. Unfortunately a change in data source makes it impossible to generate such a list moving forward.