Long-term Rent - Secluded Accommodation without Human Interaction

More than 80% off

Apartments R4000 per month

White House and Bush House R6000 per month

Bull's Nose R8000 per month

Terms and Conditions

The rent includes water.

Electricity and gas will be charged according to one’s consumption.

The units are not serviced and laundry is not included but arrangements can be made according to one’s needs.

There is a laundry service available in Fouriesburg.

None of the units have TVs  installed. We are willing to arrange for a DSTV dish to be installed but each tenant would have to supply his own decoder and TV monitor.

The cell phone signal can be weak depending on your service provider. If necessary you can arrange with your service provider to put in a booster, which they do free of charge.

We do not provide any Wi-Fi. There are 2 internet service providers operating in our area.