Q & A

Questions about Pumula Guest Farm, explained. Rules and reasons.

Do we allow pets?

  • We have free range bunnies, rabbits, small buck, wild water birds
  • We can not lock up our dogs (1 sausage mix, 2 Dobermans)
  • If you book one of our apartments (2-sleeper units) - we will consider
  • If your pets are sterilized, house trained and do not mark - we will consider
  • If your pets had all their inoculations and tick/flea spray - we will consider
  • Please ask

Is there somebody at reception?

  • Our reception is not "manned"
  • We stay on the property and are available most of the time to answer questions
  • Guests can reach us via cell phone

Why do we only allow arrivals until 6 pm?

  • Pumula Guest Farm is a working farm

Do we allow quads and motorbikes?

  • Guests can drive to and from their unit to the main dirt road (S344) to tour the area
  • We do not allow guests to drive around on our farm with quads and motorbikes

Noise pollution

  • We do not allow noisy parties if you have not booked out all the units
  • We ask that guests respect the other guests not in their group
  • Guests visit Pumula Guest Farm for peace and quiet

Do we arrange activities?

  • No we do not arrange activities, we assist by giving you contact details

When does it snow?

  • There is no way for us to predict when we will have snow on Pumula Guest Farm
  • We can almost be sure that there will be snow in the mountains in Lesotho in winter
  • When we do get snow on Pumula Guest Farm, it usually melts within a day